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Marianna FL 109.7m*

Dont get confused. That is the same map as yesterday. The route today went from Ft. Walton Beach (the 98), through Destin, across a causeway up to Choctaw Beach (where the 20 is), through Portland, Bruce, then New Hope, then off this map, to the map below.

The purple line is what I was supposed to do today, but I started the day about 50 miles behind schedule, due to prior days wind, and finished today still about 50 miles behind. From New Hope (above), we went through Vernon, and then to Marianna, where were at now.

The we is Bob Lee and me. He set a new distance record today. His prior was 87. We stuck together all day, but tomorrow he heads to Tallahasse, I go to Georgia.

We also validated that my odometer is probably 2% off (short) so add 2% to all distances..

This is a lot of preamble, because the day was pretty dull. We rode through Destin, FL early. It seems like a nice place. Harbor and a golf course (for Guy).

Then across a 5 mile causeway straight north (they all look about the same).

Into some pretty rolling hills by Choctaw Beach,.

Thats Bob Lee. After you join the sierra club (www.sierraclub.org), go to www.rideforareason.org and contribute to his causes – ALS and Hospice. Do it now so you dont forget again!!

After this we headed inland to some significant rolling hills but otherwise really boring terrain. Lots like this.

Thats FL79 east of Vernon. See what I mean. Even the signs were boring. This was the most interesting one.

A lot of communities probably claim T. Thomas Fortune (born here, lived here, worked here, died here), but I have no idea who he is or why.

We checked into the Holiday Inn Express, went to Sonnys for a barbeque dinner, and came back, where I took a going away picture of Bob updating his website.

And a picture of the moon. Same one you would have seen at 9:38P CDST if you were looking.

Thats it. Dull day = short update. Im supposed to be in Bainbridge, GA (under the end on the 2nd map above) tonight, and ride 104 miles from there to Lakeland, GA. I think Ill end up in Valdosta (famous for something, but who knows or cares what).


PS. No gold emails please.

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