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Tybee Isl, GA 44.2m **

(Official RAAM mileage is 2,697.4, which excludes return to Savannah mileage)

Savannahs about 20 miles away from the Atlantic, on the Savannah River. Last night I stayed at a Residence Inn, 6 miles south of downtown Savannah. 26 miles to wrap it up.

I rode back into downtown, to the Hyatt where I finished riding yesterday. Saw some Savannah. Beautiful trees, lots of parks and walkways, many brick roads, more statues and historical plaques than the rest of the trip combined. A few shots.

I have many more if you want to see them. From the Hyatt I turned East for the last 20 miles. Heres the last shot of a distance sign.

There were about 5 bridges to cross. Heres a traditional drawbridge, the last bridge shot.

The 2nd to last Island Ft. Pulaski National Monument (a big island with an old fort and Coast Guard station, mostly undisturbed wetlands). It had a bike trail across it. Last picture of me.

It was nice to ride on the trail. No traffic to kill me for 3 of the last 6 miles or so.

It had amenities like signs on local flora and fauna, and picnic tables.

When it ended, I crossed the last bridge, and got my first good view and a shot of the Atlantic Ocean.

Still on US80, I rode across Tybee Island until it (US80) ended.

Went on until the road ended at a parking lot.

That wood gazebo-like structure was the end of the road for the bike. No sense in gunking it up with sand.

As you can see, I took off my shoes and socks, and contemplated the Atlantic.

Then I walked the last couple hundred feet, and put my feet into the water.

Heres another view of the beach here.

And thats it. I rode back to Savannah, and finally saw the city limits sign.

Thank you very much for taking the trip with me. It went well, was lots of fun, and a very worthwhile experience. Hope to see you soon. Bye.


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