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The United Nations, Climate Change, Environmental Health, and You

by Nicole Hill, MPH and Robert Perkowitz Published in the NEHA Journal, October 2022 The leading authority globally on cli- mate change is the Intergo...Read more

Climate Changes Mental Health

ecoAmerica’s most recent contribution to the National Environmental Health Association’s Journal of Environmental Health, “Climate Changes Menta...Read more

Saving Ourselves in the Era of Climate Consequences

You’ve been told, again and again, that climate change isn’t real. That it’s not caused by humans. That the planet always goes through these cyc...Read more

NEHA: Climate Change: Everyone, Every Day

This is the latest in a six-times per year column that Rebecca Rehr and I do for the National Journal of Environmental Health. In this one, we talk ab...Read more

It’s Not Too Late…

Global warming seeped into our consciousness during the Carter administration in the late 1970s. Our burning of fossil fuels was pouring gigatons of p...Read more

NEHA: Local Action, National Impact

NEHA is an official partner of ecoAmerica and works closely with our Climate for Health Program, a coalition of health leaders committed to caring for...Read more

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