July 13, 2011 - Vienna to Istanbul: The Ottoman Empire Ride

1,708 kilometers, 1,061 miles, 15 days
Begins Sunday, July 17 – Ends Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Riders = Tom Cox*, Nels Leutwiler, Bob Perkowitz, Lisa Renstrom, Jürgen Schonwasser, Cherie Stofer** and Katharine Stofer**
Supported by: Annie Lambla
Accompanied by: Millie Cox*, Brigit Schonwasser


and welcome to the ride.  I will be posting daily photo-journal updates as we go along, and if you register you’ll get a brief email with the link as each is posted.  This should be in the category of the ride of a lifetime.  A spectacular route through dramatic scenery and history.  Below is the map, the itinerary, some pix, and the jersey (designed by Melissa Mahoney).  More to follow!

Bob Perkowitz

The Map

The Itinerary


The Jersey   by Melissa Mahoney, Indigo Graphics, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

One thought on “Vienna to Istanbul: The Ottoman Empire Ride

  1. Sonia Cairns

    Hi Lisa and Bob: This has been great to follow your trip. I’ve enjoyed the commentary. Have Cherie and Katherine joined you by now? I assumed they’d be riding by last SAT or SUN. Wd love to hear from you.


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