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August 2010 Beaune, France to Florence, Italy (no posts) July 2011 Vienna to Istanbul (posts below)

Vienna to Istanbul: The Ottoman Empire Ride

1,708 kilometers, 1,061 miles, 15 days
Begins Sunday, July 17 – Ends Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Riders = Tom Cox*, Nels Leutwiler, Bob Perkowitz, Lisa Renstrom, Jürgen Schonwasser, Cherie Stofer** and Katharine Stofer**
Supported by: Annie Lambla
Accompanied by: Millie Cox*, Brigit Schonwasser


and welcome to the ride.  I will be posting daily photo-journal updates as we go along, and if you register you’ll get a brief email with the link as each is posted.  This should be in the category of the ride of a lifetime.  A spectacular route through dramatic scenery and history.  Below is the map, the itinerary, some pix, and the jersey (designed by Melissa Mahoney).  More to follow!

Bob Perkowitz
[email protected],com

The Map

The Itinerary


The Jersey   by Melissa Mahoney, Indigo Graphics, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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